I don’t believe in being perfect.
I believe in Being Real.


So let’s get real with .

I don't believe in being perfect. I believe in being real.

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If you’ve found your way here, then we’re definitely meant to connect.

My belief is that the Universe always works that way… calling and leading us where we’re meant to go.

So since you’re here… let’s talk a little bit about you.

Are You…

Stuck in something that happened in the past and struggling to let it go?

Still grieving the ending of a relationship and don’t know how to move forward?

Looking for support and guidance in doing some deep inner work on yourself that you know has been a long time coming?

Wanting to know how to develop and trust to your OWN intuition?

Well, this is where I come in.

I work with you to help facilitate whatever process you are in and help move you forward where you feel stuck.

I bring forth information that you may not be seeing to give you more clarity and understanding around your behavior and the behavior of others.

Most people are drawn to working with me because I’m an Intuitive and they believe that I have a special gift to “see” things they can’t.

The truth is, we are all intuitive but just need to be taught how to access it and trust it to find our own answers. Although mine is more deeply fine-tuned and developed through years of using it, I teach you how to develop your own so that you can learn to trust yourself and your own inner knowing.

The Guide to Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

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I use a number of different healing modalities, always tailored to your own personal experience, desires and goals.

Using a combination of coaching, channeling, energy work, and what I intuitively “feel” is going on beneath the surface, I help you make real progress or at the very least feel a heck of a lot better.

One of the best things about working with me is that I’ll get you to reframe your “story” into a far more empowering one. Feeling like a victim right now? I promise that won’t be the case after we’re done working together.

My “thing”… and I mean that thing that lights up my soul and makes me get out of bed in the morning, is teaching people self-love and empowerment.

I’m deeply committed to helping both men and women see every experience in their life, no matter how difficult, as an opportunity for growth. No way are you leaving a session with me feeling anything less!

So, if you’re still feeling called to work with me, let’s actually connect.

Work With Me
Headshot of Tracy
“I was shocked with how accurate Dina was when she channeled for me. Her information was clear and straightforward and there were things Dina said that no one could ever know, so it was obvious this message was specifically for me. It was like she was on the phone with Spirit and repeating what they were telling her! Our session helped me navigate a very emotional situation where I was confused and 2nd guessing myself. After my session with Dina, I knew I was on the right path. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in a relationship or has any doubts about a situation. She’s sure to be able to help guide you and shine a light on the situation.”Tracy B, Creative Director
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