It’s not about me… it’s really about you.

But I get it… you’re curious.

It's not about me, it's really about you. But I get it, you're curious.

Hi… I’m Dina.

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, Featured Author for Elephant Journal, a Contributor to multiple online publications including Huff Post, The GoodMen Project, Elite Daily, Chopra, Simply Women and Tiny Buddah to name just a few and a Certified Life Coach for the past 10 years.

I’m also one of the most non “woo woo” Healers/Intuitives you’ll ever meet!

I’m INSANELY committed to EMPOWERING, INSPIRING and teaching both men and women how to heal from past relationships and traumas, reframe their “stories” and create lives they feel wildly passionate about.

I’m also well known for calling people out on their shit. Myself included.


My journey as a student in this work began over 15 years ago while I was building my career in the entertainment industry.

Although I love working in the field of entertainment, my heart always LONGED for something more and I was constantly feeling called to help people in some way. I didn’t know what that looked like or how that was going to manifest with the career path I was already on, but I absolutely knew it was my life’s calling and soul’s work.

I have always been deeply empathic and could feel other people’s energy and thoughts from the time I was a young girl. And although I had discovered my Intuitive gift to “see” things others couldn’t as early as high school, I kept it a secret for a long time.

I mean who wants to really admit they can “feel energy” and “see” what other people are thinking and feeling? This was NOT a cool thing in Jersey! Trust me.

But I used it often without people knowing. (I’m sneaky like that).
I used it to make important life decisions for myself, guide friends out of difficult situations they were in and into the direction I was being told their souls wanted to go, and reveal truths to myself about my own life and relationships that I was trying hard to ignore.

Until it wouldn’t allow me to not see anymore.

That’s the thing about having this gift… it reveals things to me I often don’t want to see and then forces me to face it no matter how painful it is.

I could list out all my professional credentials that make me qualified to work with you, but instead I’m going to get real about why I’m doing this work…

I know what it is to suffer. I know the pain and heartache of losing someone you deeply love.

I know what it’s like to feel depressed, to feel “not enough”, to go thru those bouts of not loving yourself after a relationship ends or you’ve made some bad choices.

I get loneliness. Man, do I get it.

I understand that fear of being vulnerable again after your heart has been shattered.

And I know what it is to feel like a victim and not have the first clue how to get yourself out of that victim mentality. Because boy does it suck being there!


But here’s what else I know and what I’m INSANELY committed to teaching others…

I know how to RISE UP

I know how to stop making yourself the victim of whatever you have going on in your life and create a new narrative for your future.

I know how to teach you to reclaim your power and rebuild your self-esteem and what it takes to truly love and accept yourself no matter what mistakes or choices you’ve made in your life that made you lose it in the first place.

I show you how to recognize your own self-sabotaging patterns in relationships and manifest what it is you truly want.

And yes, I’m the Intuitive, but I teach you how to trust and develop your own intuition so you can start using it to make better choices for yourself.

HOW? Because I’ve done the work! I KNOW and LIVE this stuff!!

I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of people around the world in breaking through their old disempowering stories and patterns, healing old wounds they’ve been carrying around their entire lives and showing them how to manifest BIG THINGS so they can start living the most authentic, kick-ass life possible.

And that empathic little girl still in me… wants to do this for YOU.


  • I’ve always been obsessed with nutrition & fitness and am typically tackling another Beachbody workout program (right now it’s the 21 Day Fix).
  • I once flew on a very well-known studio mongul’s private jet with Chris Rock to do a recording session with another A-list actor in NY and somehow managed to make it look like I did that kind of thing every day. (Admittedly I did it quite a few times back in the day)
  • I was an athlete in high school and can still throw a softball, dribble a basketball and outsmart my 7 year old on the soccer field like nobody’s business.
  • If I left this world today, the two things I’d want people to be able to say about me are that I inspired them to be better and taught them to love themselves more.
  • MY SECRET TALENT: I’m an incredible Tarot/Angel card reader. This makes me extremely popular at work and parties!

Education & Experience

  • Connector.Connector.

    Boston College

    BA, Film & Communications, Minor Psychology

  • Connector.Connector.

    Coach U

    Associate Coaching Certification

  • Connector.Connector.

    Reiki Certified

    3 Years of Reiki & Energy Healing

  • Connector.Connector.

    Landmark Education Graduate

    The Forum, The Advanced Course, Wisdom Course, Self-Development Leadership Training, and various others.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Shamans, Yogis, & Spiritual Teachers.

    15 years studying and mentoring under some of the most renowned Spiritual Teachers.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Spiritual Psychology Program

    Current Student

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