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Sex…. Its everywhere. All the time. On our minds. On our partners minds. On our friend’s minds.

Even the sweet little old lady checking out her groceries next to you at Trader Joes. She’s thinking about sex.

Yep… She is. Because my friend used to work in a nursing home and she said those sweet old seniors were bed hopping like nobody’s business even when their other body parts weren’t working so hot!

So we live in a sex-crazed society. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Except there is. Because it seems to cause a lot of angst from where I’m standing.

How we make ourselves feel about it. How we judge ourselves for it. How we can’t communicate what we want to our partners. How married couples compare how often they’re having sex with how often everyone else is having sex. How we attach “meaning making” to the act when sometimes sex is just sex. And most importantly, how we use it as a power tool in relationships to get what we want.

Sex is powerful. Deeply and profoundly powerful. It makes and breaks relationships. If you aren’t getting it often enough, there’s a “problem” you say, and said “problem” needs to be fixed.

If you’re getting it too much, well — whose getting it too much??? I mean seriously, if you are, please email me so I can talk to you and get some pointers on what you’re doing to be in the 1 percent minority of the human population. I’d be interested in joining your exclusive little club.

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