Guys, When She Says These 6 Words, Listen To Her ~ Elephant Journal

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“So then she said to me, ‘I just want to be friends,’” my friend James relayed to me over the phone. “What do you think she means by that?” “Um…She just wants to be friends,” I replied. “Really?” “Yes, really. …

7 Ways To Stop Breaking Your Own Heart ~ Elephant Journal

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How many times have we said out loud, “He/she broke my heart,” or “It breaks my heart when…”? The truth is: we break our own hearts. This is a painful truth to face. I’ve lost count how many times my own …

People Don’t Leave Us…They Simply Leave ~ Elephant Journal

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Our language and how we talk about a situation has so much power. Energetically what we focus on magnifies. If we put all of our energy into those feelings of abandonment, being a victim, feeling as if the world is against us, that nobody wants to help and we’re all alone, this is exactly what we’ll draw in. So change your thinking and change how you talk about the situation.