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There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people heal on an emotional & spiritual level.

There's nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people heal on an emotional & spiritual level.


All of us have the choice to either focus on the external “what’s happening to me” or redirect our energy inward to “what is my part in this and what am I meant to learn from this experience?”

There is always a deeper purpose and meaning behind everything we’re going through, both energetically and emotionally. This is where I put my 15 + years of spiritual study, coaching and Intuitive insight into practice with my clients.

I personalize each session I do with my clients to his/her own unique needs.

The work I do with you is always a co-creation.

I won’t just tell you what to do, I teach you how to do so that you have the tools to break through your own limitations and barriers to help yourself.

Much of the work we’ll do together centers on reframing your thoughts and limiting beliefs about yourself and others and giving you new perspective and spiritual insight into what’s really going on beneath the surface.

I specialize in 3 healing modalities.
Let’s figure out which one feels right for you!

Intuitive Readings with Dina

An Intuitive reading or what I call a “Channeling” session is for you if you’re looking for spiritual and intuitive insight into a particular situation. Oftentimes our emotions block information that we need to hear in order to make empowering and self-honoring choices for ourselves whether it be around a relationship, a job or where we should be focusing our energy at this particular moment in our lives.

I combine my spiritual teachings and coaching methodology with any channeling session so this is a FULL ON DEEP DIVE experience.

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Intuitive Coaching with Dina

No matter how much personal growth work we’ve done on ourselves, we all get stuck. Just as our bodies hit a plateau when working out, so do our minds and the choices we start making when we’re simply on “auto pilot” and just going through the motions in our lives.

Intuitive Coaching sessions are for you if you’re looking for a combination of Intuitive guidance and ongoing one-on-one coaching so we can work together on tools to take the information I get on you and use it in an empowering way. If you’re looking for on-going support and accountability, Intuitive Coaching is for you!

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Reiki With Dina

Energy work or Reiki is incredibly powerful. It involves the transfer of universal life force energy to help clear, strengthen and realign a person’s energy pathways to alleviate physical and emotional pain, decrease stress and anxiety and feel more balanced.

This healing modality is perfect for you if you’re feeling like you’ve been carrying around a lot of emotional trauma or baggage, have low energy levels or are looking for an alternative way to relieve stress and feel more grounded.

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