Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing in the movie A Star is Born

You Gotta First Step Onto The Stage If You Want to Manifest Anything

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I saw the movie “A Star is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga the other day.

* Note to Academy: Just deliver the Oscar to Gaga now. #mindblowingperformance #holyshitshecanact

There’s a pivotal scene in the first half of the film where seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) beckons struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga) to join him onstage and sing a song she had sung to him in a parking lot just the night before after they first met.

Ally had all but given up her dream of becoming a successful singer, instead waiting tables and occasionally performing at a Drag Queen club before this moment.

She didn’t see her own talent. At least not the way Jack could see her. And she certainly wasn’t ready to join one of the most famous musicians on-stage in front of thousands of fans to sing a song she had just written and never performed before.

Jack holds his hand out from the stage. Ally stares back at him wild-eyed and terrified and shakes her head no.

He goads her from the stage, telling her if she won’t sing it, he’ll sing it for her.

We watch her process what’s happening. The total terror she feels to step onto that stage and into the spotlight which is the one thing she’s dreamt about her entire life… and the slow realization that this could be her one and only chance.

She takes a few tentative steps onto the stage, trembling with fear and grabs the mic.

And then she starts to sing… What starts off as a young girl shaking with nerves turns into Ally OWNING that stage and KILLING IT in front of thousands of screaming fans who love her!

And in that moment, a star is born.

I don’t know what it was about that scene, but it made me well up with tears and silently scream, YAAASSS GIRL!!!! YES!!! Because it reminded me of all the times I was terrified to step onto the stage. Not literally… but figuratively in my own life so I could have my own Lady Gaga moment.

A chance at what I’d always dreamed about. And each time, I took it.

Where in your life have you been presented with that moment?

Where someone truly saw you and your talent and offered you a chance at your dream?

Did you take it? Did you push past the fear of failing or looking like a fool to walk onto that stage in your own life?

And if you didn’t, because sometimes we’re just not ready, can you trust that the next time you’re offered that opportunity it’s because it’s your time to get out there and SLAY it just like you’ve always fantasized about in your dreams?

If we don’t ever step onto that stage… we never give ourselves the chance to change the direction of our lives.

Don’t be afraid to step onto the stage in your own life. There are millions of people waiting to see your gifts and your talents.

Can’t you see it’s why the Universe is giving you the chance to step onto the stage at all?

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