Hi, I’m Dina.


to help you unlock your own intuition, rewrite your disempowering stories, and bring healing to all of your relationships.


i use writing as therapy to help you unlock your own intuition, rewrite your disempowering stories, and bring healing to all of your relationships.

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If you’ve found your way here, then we’re definitely meant to connect.

My belief is that the Universe always works that way… calling and leading us where we’re meant to go.

Let’s talk a little bit about you.

Are You…

Stuck in something that happened in the past and struggling to let it go?

Heart-broken over a relationship ending and don’t know how to move forward?

Struggling with repeating the same patterns in your life and want tools to break them for good?

Wanting to know how to develop and trust your OWN intuition?

Well, this is where I come in.

I work with you to help facilitate whatever process you are in and help move you forward where you feel stuck.

I bring forth information that you may not be seeing to give you more clarity and understanding around your behavior and the behavior of others.

Most people are drawn to working with me because I’m an Intuitive and they believe that I have a special gift to “see” things they can’t.

The truth is, we’re all intuitive but just need to be taught how to access it and trust it.

I teach you how to do that.

Although mine is more deeply fine-tuned and developed through years of studying under spiritual teachers, I teach you how to develop your own so that you can actually “hear” it and fully trust it.

Work With Me


You can find my most recent published words at Elephant Journal, Huffpost as well as on Medium.

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“Dina Strada is a gifted and generous guide on the journey within. As anyone who subscribes to her email list or follows her work knows, her writing is direct, relevant, piercing, honest, and transformational. She has a profound gift for distilling the essence of her experience in a way that calls the reader to explore in safety. She does the same thing coaching you one-on-one which is even more powerful. Bottom line, as a writer and a Life coach Dina has a lot of tools in her arsenal and she has incredible instincts about how to use them to help people.”Liria M, President, Merci Media Group, Inc.
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I use a number of different healing modalities, always tailored to your own personal experience, desires and goals.

Using a combination of coaching, writing, deep reflection and intuition, I help you make real progress and massive transformation where you’re stuck. My clients play an active part in their own healing process since we work together as a team.

I teach you the tools I myself use to develop your own intuition, help you understand why certain things are happening in your life, and then re-write the story you’re telling yourself that’s making you feel like crap.

(This is where my signature writing method comes in)!

Feeling like a victim right now? I promise that won’t be the case while we’re working together. We reframe your story into one far more empowering that takes you from “I feel like a victim” to “I got this!”

I’m deeply committed to being of service to others. My soul’s work is helping people see every experience in their life, no matter how painful, as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Feeling called to work together? Let’s connect!

Work With Me