• Stuck in something that happened in the past and unable to move forward?
  • Wanting to know how to develop and trust to your OWN intuition?

I work with people to facilitate their healing process by working through events and relationships in their lives that are still causing pain.

I bring forth information that you may not be seeing to give you more clarity and understanding around your behavior and the behavior of others.

Most people choose to work with me because they believe that I have some special gift to “see” things they can’t.  The truth is, we are all intuitive but just need to be taught how to access it and use it to discover our own answers.  Although mine is more deeply fine-tuned and developed through years of using it, I teach people how to develop their own so that you learn to trust yourself and your own inner knowing.

Through my writing, coaching practice, and workshops,  I support men and women by dismantling the “old stories” about themselves to make way for new ones far more empowering. I gently guide people through their process so that they can heal from past traumas and see all of the lessons and opportunities they received going through them.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dina for the past year and a half. Her passion for helping others runs deep and she embodies an incredible amount of wisdom and compassion.           

Watching her own transformation through the work she has done on herself  and in working with others to help them in their own healing process has been truly inspiring.  It’s an honor to know her and see her finally using her gifts to make a difference in the lives of so many others.”

– Lynn K., MFT

My ideal client is one who is committed to their own transformation and open to exploring whatever comes up in that process.

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One thought on “WELCOME!

  1. Just read your blog on “when your angry with someone is all about you” and I just want to say THANK YOU !!! Thank you so very much !!
    It’s funny how we become blind to what should be so very obvious to see !!!!


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