The Self Love Bootcamp

Breakup Bootcamp

If there was an online course I could have taken to ease the heartache and stop all my bitching I would have.

But there wasn't. So I created one.

When we're devastated by the ending of a relationship, we tend to spin, convince ourselves there will be NOBODY ELSE... LIKE EVER,
and then we can't process what's happened, find closure with the relationship and move forward.

My course helps you with all that nonsense.

Breakups can make us feel bat shit crazy.
Confused, depressed, angry, sad, hopeless
and a bunch of other emotions that seem insurmountable.
But you can and you will heal.

Here's what you'll get:

- 5 Video Modules, all accessible instantly
- 5 PDFs to print
- Writing prompts & worksheets
- A supportive and safe space for you to bring all your "stuff"

Unsure whether this is for you? 
Email me with any questions you have before registering.



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