Intuitive Coaching

Coaching with Dina
Coaching with Dina

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people heal on an emotional and spiritual level.

I don’t believe in being perfect. I believe in being real.

We’re gonna get real together.

When we’re struggling, in pain or just plain old stuck, we have the choice to either focus on the external “what’s happening to me” or redirect our energy inward and look at “what’s my part in this and what am I meant to learn from this experience?”

There is always a deeper purpose and meaning behind everything we’re going through, both spiritually and emotionally. This is where I put my 15 + years of spiritual study, mentoring and Intuitive work into practice with my clients.

I get you out of what’s happening and right to the core of “what’s my part in this and what am I meant to learn?”

Most likely you’re stuck in a pattern that’s no longer serving you. I help you identify your patterns and give you the tools to stop repeating them.

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“Dina is not just any intuitive or life coach. She is a confidante and companion for your soul. Dina has the extraordinary ability to hear what you want, but then understand and guide you towards what it is you need. Her zero-judgment, highly sentient, and deeply compassionate demeanor gifts you with a safe space and the strength to face any fear or obstacle. Her sage wisdom combined with her many years of professional experience in the entertainment industry give Dina a level of perception that is truly special and rare to find. Working with Dina has helped me in countless ways during many milestones in my life, and I will be forever grateful for the clarity, self-kindness, and courage she has taught me along the way.”Pilar F, Producer

How do I work?

My Coaching Method is a 3 Step Process

  • Every Coaching package starts off with a 60-90 minute Intuitive reading. This is a DEEP-DIVE into YOU.

  • As a life-long writer, I know the power of healing and manifesting what you want through putting thoughts, feelings and your goals on paper.

  • I’m there every step of the way.

Learn More About my Process
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“Before meeting Dina I was skeptical of personal coach/mentors, and was looking for someone with a fresh approach – a unique perspective on life. Dina has shown me that not all coaches are alike, and that her unique connection to her guides is a rich resource which she can tap into with marked accuracy. With a sprinkling of humor, Dina sheds light onto life situations and brings focus to what needs changing, what needs keeping and what does not matter at all. I recommend Dina wholeheartedly to anyone seeking honest, sensitive yet often visceral guidance. Dina’s heart comes through loud and clear, she is dedicated to her passion of helping others. In a maze of personal coaches, Dina is at the top of her field.”Monika C, Author / Intuitive


Every Coaching package starts off with a 60-90 minute Intuitive reading. This is a DEEP-DIVE into YOU.

For me, information comes in the form of feelings which people refer to as being clairsentient. Which just means I have the ability to feel and understand the emotions, energy, and intentions of the people in your life including you.

My experience doing this work is that any information I get is coming from your guides and they’re just using me as the middle man because I can hear them.

Think of me as a translator. I take the information I’m hearing and translate it into words for you.


As a life-long writer, I know the power of healing and manifesting what you want through putting thoughts, feelings and your goals on paper.

It’s the #1 tool I use to help people get to the core of what’s really going on inside of them and to teach people how to develop and trust their own intuition.

The goal of working with me is to get you to process emotions, get honest about what’s really holding you back and uncover your own answers so you can learn to trust yourself.

Until you learn to do that, you’ll continue to make choices that aren’t for your highest good.


You can write it down, you can have all kinds of ah-ha moments, breakthroughs and “Oh My God… I know what I want so I’m making a big ole’ MANIFESTATION LIST”!

But most of us don’t take any action and do the work unless someone is guiding and supporting us through the setbacks, challenges, and discomfort that come up while doing it.

I’m there every step of the way.

I’m known for my loving, compassionate and no-nonsense approach to holding space in a way I consider sacred to your process.

You have access to me weekly with email support in between our Coaching calls. I give you writing prompts to work on throughout the week so you’re doing your work in between our sessions.

Change and transformation take time but you will not leave our work together the same way you came in. Every client I work with walks away having breakthroughs in every area of their lives – from personal relationships to their career to how they see and feel about themselves.

Not sure if you’re ready to invest in Coaching but are curious about doing an Intuitive Reading with me? If so, CLICK HERE.

My Coaching Packages

Coaching with Dina


You. Me. Deep-diving into YOUR stuff for an hour each week. We’ll schedule a 90-minute Meet & Deep for our first session to set intentions for our work together. Get ready to pack a lot of powerful and deeply transformative work into these Power Hours!


(or 3 monthly payments of $999)

Let’s Get Started!
Coaching with Dina


Since we’re working together for a longer period of time, we’re able to create massive shifts with less time on our weekly calls. This package includes a 90-minute Meet & Deep and Intuitive Reading, + weekly 50 minute calls.


(or 6 monthly payments of $999)

Let’s Get Started!
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“I have had the pleasure of working with many gifted people but no experience has compared to working with the amazing Dina Strada. She is unbelievably kind, patient, real, understanding and intuitive with so much life/client experience! Dina allows you to be your most authentic self and tunes into her utmost power and gifts to help you work through obstacles and better your life. She’s helped me work through relationship challenges, develop my own intuitive gifts and has given me tools that actually work to deepen the relationship I have with myself. Working with her will change your life.”COLETTE, CORPORATE COMMUNICTIONS MANAGER

Thank you for your interest in working with me and your interest in investing in yourself

You’re worth it!

It’s incredibly important to me that before we make the commitment to work together, we schedule a Connection Call to get to know each other better so I can learn more about you and you can experience me and how I work to make sure we’re a good fit.

To schedule a Connection Call with me (via Zoom), please fill out the form below.

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    “Dina is driven by something beyond this world. She became my inner voice that I struggled to listen to and that advocate that believed in me more than I believed in myself. In working with her I felt like I had guardian angels watching over me because the info she gave me was definitely coming from Divine source. Dina has been through a lot in her life and has the experience to give you great perspective when your own emotions are getting in the way of making decisions. As a result of working with her, I gained so much clarity with all the stuff I was struggling with.”Robert, Furniture Designer