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July 17, 2017

“It’s all sweet and innocent until someone gets an erection.” ~ best ecard ever

Most of us have done it, at some point.

Crossed the boundaries of platonic friendship and had sex with a good friend.

There are so many reasons why this seems like a good idea in the moment:

1) We already intimately know each other so there’s no guessing about what the other person may or may not like in the bedroom. We’ve more than likely shared this with each other when discussing some of our best and worst sexual encounters over drinks.

2) Since we know each other we can pretty much guess what to expect after we’ve done the deed since we’ve seen this person’s patterns and behavior with other sexual partners.

3) We already trust each other so there’s pretty much a guarantee that this person won’t hurt us, and besides, we will both, for sure, communicate our feelings if anything seems weird afterward.



But typically it doesn’t go down this way unless both parties are incredibly mature and committed to the friendship not being tarnished.

I’ve had a few successful and mutually gratifying hook-ups with friends in my time but I believe they were successful because we followed the almighty “Do’s of Don’ts of Having Sex with a Friend.”

If you don’t follow them, the friendship may be tarnished and one, if not both of you, will have an enormous amount of regret about crossing the sexual boundary with each other.

Heed these 10 Commandments to prevent tarnishing the friendship:



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