The 10 Commandments of Not Being a “Mean Girl” ~ Thought Catalog

January 16, 2018

Mean girl behavior is everywhere these days. Although we’re in the midst of the #metoo movement and there’s definitely a shift in the way women are finally supporting other women, there’s also the unfortunate reality that not everyone has jumped on the “sisters supporting sisters” bandwagon.

My 4-year old daughter came home the other day and informed me that there’s a “Mean Girl’s” Club at her pre-school. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t take it seriously. But the fact is, those 4-year-old mean girls turn into 16-year-old mean girls who turn into 25-year-old mean girls who ultimately turn into 45-year-old mean girls.

Even my own mother at the age of 72 has recently been the target of some pretty mean girl shenanigans.

So what constitutes mean girl behavior?

If you’re not following the 10 commandments below, you may very well be exhibiting some Regina George type behavior. And really… who wants to be Regina when you can be Oprah at the Golden Globes?


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