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When I think back to every relationship I’ve been in, I’m always a bit nostalgic reliving the early stages of the courtship.

Those butterflies in the stomach before seeing each other, the flirty text messages, and the wild chemistry that simmered beneath the surface every time we were in a room together.

And the sex.

Oh good God, the sex.

There’s nothing that can compare to those first few months of exploring each other’s bodies…

The relentless need to stay awake till all hours of the night engaging in multiple rounds of delicious foreplay followed by exquisite love-making, and the insatiable desire to forego hunger, thirst, and sleep just for the sheer delight of pleasuring each other.

Which is why it’s no surprise that many of us overlook the very things we know ended the person’s last relationship, and that are screaming at us relentlessly in the background behind this blissful, pink cloud like a smoke alarm trying to warn us of an impending fire.

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