Trust That Bitch….Because She’s Telling the Truth ~ Medium

February 19, 2018

She tells you things that make your heart race and and your stomach twist up in knots.

Half the stuff she says seems completely irrational, yet you know on the deepest level she’s telling you the truth.

You argue with her relentlessly because she’s either revealing stuff you don’t want to hear or reassuring you about things that seem too good to be true.

Most of the time you scream back at her to mind her own damn business because you know better, but she keeps on you so relentlessly, it’s almost impossible to ignore her.

And when you do ignore her, you regret it like hell.

That bitch… Your intuition…you better start trusting her. Because she’s got your back.


Our truth… the truth… is first felt in the body. It’s the shallow, rapid breathing that consumes us when someone tells us something that doesn’t sound right. It’s the knot in the pit of our stomach and the pounding of our heart in our ears when we suspect something isn’t right and we don’t feel safe. It’s the headaches and insomnia and weight loss or weight gain that is screaming at us to see the real truth.

Don’t make excuses when these things start happening. Get still and listen.

And I mean really listen. Inner bitch is talking and she’s going to amp things up further if you keep ignoring her.

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