Be In This Moment

October 17, 2018

This morning both my kids came into my bed before we had to get up for school.

Normally the moment my eyes open my mind starts to race…

“Can I hit the snooze button again? If I hit it, will I have enough time to work out?

Shit, I gotta call the handyman to fix the back fence.

OMG what if traffic sucks this morning?

How do I get out of that commitment I made Fri night so I can just put on sweatpants, Netflix and chill.”

I didn’t do that this morning. I turned over and stroked my 8 year old son’s face. Then I let my daughter jump on top of me so we were in a big puppy pile.

They asked me if we’d be late. I hate being late. I equate being late to breaking the law. That’s how ridiculously anal I am about it.

“Nope…we can love on one another this morning and still make it if we all agree to work together to make it out the door on time. You both in?”

“Yay… mom!!! Yes, yes yes!!”

My daughter pulled the big brown cashmere blanket we just bought last week over all 3 of us. My son who is just bordering on being too cool to let me hold him snuggled into the crook of my arm and grabbed my hand to hold his.

And for 5 blissful minutes we were all totally in the moment… warm, relaxed and happy. Not one thought to what the world would bring once we got out of that cozy, love-infused bed.

Can you be in the moment today even if it’s just 5 minutes? It can be as basic as enjoying your cup of coffee without checking your phone.

It can be eating lunch and actually tasting the food without checking your email or taking a phone call while wolfing it down.

It can be doing nothing but actually listening to what someone else is saying without you already conjuring up how you’re going to respond or what you want to say.

For me I find the best way to be in the moment is to just not think about the past or project into the future. It’s friggin hard. I’m always 1 foot into my to-do list so I miss out on what’s actually happening in the moment.

Not today. Today I’ll be in the moment with you.

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