You Can Run But You Can’t Hide…How Relationships Trigger Us

March 22, 2016

There are very few things in life that scare me: bungee jumping, clowns, sharks.

Emotions. Getting hurt again.

I’ll be frank and admit right now, I’d prefer to jump from a cliff with a bungee cord wrapped around my ankle into shark-infested waters with that freaky clown from Stephen King’s It riding shotgun on my back, than feel emotions that may lead me to getting my heart broken again.

But I’m no coward. I’m committed to overcoming all my fears because they are just that…fears. And running from them and from myself is no longer an option.

When life gets profoundly uncomfortable or our emotions surrounding a particular situation get to be too much, many of us run.

We run from the discomfort, we shut ourselves off and don’t communicate what we’re feeling; we become passive aggressive in our actions and don’t face our own stuff head on.

So we can run as long as we need to from the same thing that keeps popping up in our lives, but ultimately once we do a few laps around the “Avoidance Track,” we end up in the very same place we started—with nothing to show for all that heart pounding and running except utter exhaustion and the realization that we exerted all that effort and still haven’t even begun the race.

And by the way, those same people and situations that were the catalyst for us taking off into a sprint to begin with? They are all still waiting for our return.

We can’t hide any longer.

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