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March 2, 2016

I think we can all agree that there are certain behaviors in both men and women that really attract us to them…

Things like thoughtfulness, feeling respected, honesty, treating other people well and letting us know in subtle ways that they’re interested.

And then there’s the flip side, those behaviors that turn us off so much that we’d say they are total deal-breakers when it comes to dating them.

Maybe I should have listened more to my brother growing up since he was never shy about expressing his displeasure over some girl’s behavior, but I have to admit I didn’t start fine tuning my listening skills until I spent a great deal of time around my male friends. They’ve learned from me what women want, and I’ve learned from them what men don’t want.

I think all of these behaviors are universal to both men and women and as a woman, a lot of the things that men shared with me resonated as things that would turn me off as well. But there were definitely some gender differences that were fascinating and some that made me laugh out loud as people got more detailed.

“My biggest turn off in a woman is a bad attitude. Someone who is rude to waiters and other service-people, or if she is close minded.” ~ Patrick

“Drama,” said Colin. “Nobody wants to deal with a woman who is constantly creating drama whether it be with you or the people in her life. It’s exhausting.”

“A guy who can’t express himself or communicate. I’ve dated guys where it’s like pulling teeth to get them to say what’s on their mind or what they’re feeling. It just makes me check out.” ~ Caryn

“Bitchy-ness, cattiness and gossiping about other women. It shows a lot about her character when she never has anything nice to say about anyone.” ~ Jordan

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